Composing with nature, seasons, and man

The Domaine de Cousignac estate spreads over 60ha of living ecosystem in the Rhone Valley, where the Rhone and the Ardeche rivers meet. Protected by the Pommier family for seven generations, the vineyard’s organically cultivated terraces are comprised of the terroirs of Vivarais, Côtes du Rhône and Saint Andéol Village.

With the natural reserve of the Ardeche canyon as a backdrop, Raphael Pommier plays the role of wine composer, each year interpreting a melody for lovers of vibrant and generous viticulture.

Respect for the environment - the estate’s first commitment.

Thanks to the initiative of Raphael’s father, Pierre Pommier, finding himself allergic to the chemical products used on crops, the vineyard has been cultivated without synthetic insecticides since the 1960’s.

Organically certified since 2007, the estate has also been certified HVE (High Environmental Value) level 3 since 2018. More than ever committed to the protection of the environment, in 2020 the estate joined the OAB (Agricultural Biodiversity Observatory), experimenting with agroforestry on the property.

Respect for the gustative quality of the wine - the estate’s second commitment.

Raphael Pommier carries out his work parcel by parcel, tirelessly selecting the grapes, in order to increase the potential of each vintage, while limiting extraneous ingredients.

In this way, the estate produces a selection of red, white and rose wine, of which some can be natural, non-filtered, or non-sulfited in addition to more traditional wines, but always organic. There is but one objective; to guarantee quality flavors in all the wine!

Respect for human values - the estate’s third commitment

Each of the estate’s bottles is an invitation to travel, to adventure, to pleasure, to discover… Each vintage recounts a story, a folly, a passion, an astonishment to surpass… Each of our wines talks to you, touches you, surprises you and gives you the desire to share it… Because for us, wine is much more than fermented grape juice; it’s our humanity in a bottle. It’s the first social media, it’s a true civilization!


Globe-trotter, curious, pleasure seeker, multifaceted, Raphael breathes life into the estate through his creativity and his passion, alongside Rachel, his cheerful and energetic American wife. This surprising duo have reawakened the enduring family land in the Ardeche in order to make Cousignac a haven of peace and flavors.

Each year, Raphael, author, composer, winemaker, artist is at the helm of a new gustatory symphony.

Using twelve grape varieties, spread over three terroirs, he writes savory melodies, while being mindful of the natural resonances of the vines and their surrounding environment.

Rachel welcomes lovers of wine and epicurean well-being to the estate and the wine cellar. Everything is designed to spend a pleasurable moment; bed and breakfast, organic restaurant, out of the ordinary and unforgettable wine tastings. A host of services designed to accompany the discovery of Raphael’s numerous organic and natural wines and leave with their melodies playing in your head.

Let yourself be rocked by the music of the wine composer!


  1. 8 million years ago

    Presence of Vitis Vinifera vines in the Ardeche. Fossilized grape leaves in Ardeche limestone.

    - 8 Millions d'annee-vigne

  2. 36000 years ago (Aurignacian)

    The Chauvet Caves, a temple of paleolithic parietal art, is located 15 minutes from the estate. There are numerous traces of prehistoric activities found on the estate.

    - 36000 ans peinture viticole

  3. 1000 years ago (Iron age)

    Presence of carbonized vines in the trenches of Alba Helvorum, a Gaul city in the Ardeche reputed for its wine and located 10 minutes from the estate.

    - 1000 ans brandon_vigne

  4. 1st century (Gallo-Roman epoque)

    Numerous Roman villas were settled on estate land; presence of earthenware jars and wine amphoras. The name ‘Cousignac’ originated from the Latin ‘Quasi Ignis’ or hot place.

    Ier siecle - vestiges romains

  5. 6th century (Medieval)

    The construction of a chapel, dedicated to Saint Vincent, on the upper hillsides of Cousignac and the first written mention of the estate which was given to the clergy by a Gallo-roman family.

    VIeme - Chapelle NDC

  6. 14th century (Middle ages)

    The expansion of the chapel and its consecration to Our Lady of Cousignac (Notre Dame de Cousignac). Followed by the creation of a priory and parish (250 souls).

    XIVeme - Agrandissement chapelle

  7. 16th century

    Olivier de Serre, the first French agronomist (and from the Ardeche), becomes a co-lord of the estate.

    XVIeme - Olivier de Serres

  8. 1744

    The Pommier family arrives as tenant croppers of the estate’s soil, at that time owned by the church until the revolution, and then owned by the Pommier family until today.

  9. 1991

    Arrival of Raphael and Andéol Pommier, the 7th generation to cultivate the soil.

The wines
of the wine

The Scale Minor and Major

Parcelles sud
parcelles nord

With his minor and major scale, the wine composer seeks to make you discover the estate’s classics. Whether through parcel selection or through specially blended vintages, the wines in this category are typical of the Rhone Valley. They represent the heart of the estate’s range, unchanging in reputation and quality, year after year. Don’t hesitate to taste!

The Arrangements Experimental and Unique

Red landing
Accord tonique

These unique and experimental arrangements exhibit the creative madness of the wine composer. Each vintage is the fruit of a story, a passion, an experience based on intuition from both a scientific and poetic approach. They form a patchwork of cuvees for which the result is surprising and amazing. These are the estate’s high-end wines. To discover without delay!
Saint-Andéol village

The Singles “45” delicious hits

Cuvée pro.i.b
Cuvée I
Cuvée B

Each harvest brings its own batch of surprises which leads the wine composer to reinvent. The singles are the cuvees which capture the good vibrations of the year. These wines are young and modern, often of one grape variety, and with one single promise: drinkability. To listen to, without restraint.

Vin de France

The pleasure
of sharing

Together, Raphael and Rachel have created a place of welcome. Here, in complete nature, guests are revitalized and can discover the wine of the estate and the numerous activities around the vineyard.

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The estate’s boutique welcomes you every day in the summer from 9 am to 7 pm. In the winter, the boutique’s hours are 9 am to 6 pm, weekdays only. For all other visits, please call for a reservation.Numerous oenological activities are offered year-round; visits, rustic wine tastings, SpeleOenologie, VelOenologie…
All year long, the estate of Cousignac welcomes guests in their spacious and tastefully decorated bed and breakfast. A small furnished apartment is also available for rent. Come and benefit from our quiet surroundings or enjoy a glass of organic wine by the pool.
Organic and locally sourced, La Table de Cousignac is open from May through October. The chef and the winemaker create with passion a seasonal selection of homemade meals in harmony with the wine.


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